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Webbing Sling

Webbing sling belt from Horngold webbing sling supplier is usually made of polyester, nylon, polypropylene synthetic fiber webbing. Because of their lighter weight and better flexibility, slings have been favoured by users for many years. The webbing sling does not scratch the load or damage the load surface. And because of the flexibility of its webbing, it has a reliable grip on the load to be lifted. The surface of the webbing used as a webbing sling belt component can be chemically treated to enhance its abrasion resistance, isolate moisture and prevent sand particles from penetrating into the inside of the sling to protect it from damage.

The webbing sling belt is resistant to moisture, mildness, decay and certain chemicals. Horngold webbing sling supplier continuously conducts internal testing and quality analysis of the production materials it uses, and produces in accordance with strict standards and related technologies to ensure that the slings used by users are high-quality products.

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