Tow strap with high quality and heavy duty is suitable for vehicle recovery and tow when the vehicle gets into trouble. The strap is made from polyester or nylon yarn, with forged fittings or not. Its width is made from 45 to 300MM. The factory welcomes the custom businesses and produces as special requirements of length, color and force, etc. It is an ideal tool for vehicle recovery or tow with rated load scope of 3 to 100 tonne, so it is suitable for application of towing nearly any vehicle including light duty and heavy duty business vehicle, mining vehicle and military vehicle with 4 wheel drive.

Nylon tow strap is applied to recover and tow vehicle in such troubles as its wheels getting into mud and sand, and other ones. Polyester tow strap has high force and becomes lighter in weight than metal chain, so it is applicable for vehicle towing in most cases.


Nylon tow strap is made from nylon 66, and strong enough to be applied for the most arduous recovering and towing vehicle. Its standard soft eye is extra reinforced at the crucial bearing area to resist to abrasion and tear;

Good ratio of force to weight, usage is made easily;

The high tenacity nylon tow strap has intrinsically its so good elongation up to 20% that towing point is protected against damage, which is helpful for vehicle recovery and tow;

There is towing load limit and individual serial number clearly marked on the label of each tow strap, ensuring traceability to the strap in quality system;

The tow strap has light weight nature and flexibility so that it is ensured the strap can be installed conveniently at the hard terrain or in unaccessible area.

Nylon single layer eye to eye tow strap

Nylon double layer eye to eye tow strap

Nylon eye to eye tow strap with lines

Nylon tow strap with lines and hooks

Polyester single layer eye to eye tow strap

Polyester single layer tow strap with lines and hooks