Foshan Horngold Rigging Co., Ltd. is located at Danzao, Foshan of Guangdong province in China,Danzao is situated in delta of Zhujiang river, where the external economy is the most active, nearest to south sea, adjacent to Hongkong and Macao, east neighbor to Guangzhou harbor, and highly developed in the industries of railway, highway, aviation and waterway. Guangzhou harbor is the largest one for external and domestic trading in the south China, its capacity is ranked the fifth in the world, and the fourth large harbor domestically. The hardware industry in Danzao has long and long history and is a traditional backbone industry. In Danzao, chain of industries becomes orderly, resource in technological teams gets abundant. Danzao enjoys honor of hardware metropolis of China. Its trees and brush grow evergreen at all seasons, climate there is pleasant for the people all the year round, it is the place where the state level district of the ecological industry park is located. All such advantages of location have been creating unique headspring of power for prosperous development of the company.

The company is fraternal relationship with Foshan Chenchang Webbing Co., Ltd.. After the decision makers of the company investigated markets deliberatively, combined weaving technology base of the fraternal company with technology resources in hardware fittings, and carried out tactics of integratively dealing in the products backward, the company was set up by the team under guidance of them in 2000. The company chiefly manufactured series products riggings, including industrial webbing for sling and tie down strap, webbing sling, round sling, tie down strap, tow strap and safety harness, etc., the products are made respectively in accordance with the relative technology norms and guideline, EN1492-1:2000, EN1492-2:2000, EN12195-2:2000, EN361:2002, EN354:2002, EN355:2002, AS/NZS4380:2001, ASME B30.9-2010,  AS4497.1-1997, AS1353.1-1997, CVSA guideline and WSTDA-T-1, etc., were accredited by Germany TUV company, and passed the certification of CE and GS, output capacity is 300 tonnes monthly. In addition, the company salewholes the chain, steel wire rope and their slings.The products are of high breaking force, good abrasion resistance, convenient use, beautiful look ,suitability to the diversified work environments, rich items, orderly products combination, and great optional range. They are widely applied to the fields of traffic and transportation, operation at ports, machinery processing, construction project, glass manufacturing, mineral exploiting, hydroelectricity installation, petroleum mining, nuclear power installation and articles hoisting, etc.

In course of operation, the company has been stressing new style design on the products, its subjected departments for research and development keep in tight touch with the external and domestic academy related to the products, and futhermore, plannedly make a great quantity of investigations and researches with users yearly, and then, the new style designs are launched. The company understands the concerns from users and distributors over the products interest, since establishment of the company, it has persisted in concept of prior quality without any relaxation. It stresses the details for products, strives for making inner and outer quality of products higher than those required in the related standards, strictly requires each procedure in the production under the directive rules that were laid down to get higher than the requirements in the related standards. From material purchasing to inspection prior to material storage, in-line and full inspection in the production process to routine and full inspection at products shaping, it strictly performs the relevant directive rules, and puts responsibilities to related staffs and in their places. The company enhanced to allocate hardwares and softwares in the production, introduced the technology and machinery equipments from Switzerland and Germany, testing equipments and laboratories are configured and built up strictly by requirements in the relevant standards.

As one of social economy cells, the company realizes in depth that the brand is a complex  consisting of public’s awareness of the company in quality, price, package, service, history, honor, operation, expansion, style of work, image, humanity and human labor. The company does not merely offer the products and service, but it must also cultivate concept of brand value, and persist in clear location on the brand all the way. The company carries forward work style of diligence, pragmaticism, and attention to details; intensifies idea of scientific management, technical innovation and prior quality; cherishes commitment and trust from the customers and work together sincerely on basis of mutual benefit and win; advocates the dedication, takes reward to the society positively, and undertakes the responsibility of environment protection by technology; orientates on people, takes care of the staff’s job and offers opportunity.

Nowadays, over 200 staffs are serving the company with their effort and construct together relationship between the company and the markets. The company is continuously willing to go forwards together with all the circles of people, users and distributors home and abroad. The company is believing that tomorrow will get better than today.