The material webbings satisfy the requirements by standards home and abroad, which are

manufactured respectively to EN1492-1:2000, EN1492-2:2000, EN12195-2:2000, EN361:2002,

EN354:2002, EN355:2002, AS/NZS4380:2001, ASME B30.9-2010,  AS4497.1-1997,

AS1353.1-1997, WSTDA and others. They are made from high tenacity multiple fiber filament

yarn, their bearing loads may be identified from different color codes and number of black lines.

The webbings are resistant to abrasing and knotting, durable, and with good exterior and rich

types. Quality and exterior of the webbings get controlled strictly by in-house quality control

systems. They become widely applied to making webbing sling, round sling, tie down strap,

safety harness and other riggings.


Low elongation;

Superior force factor;

Highly resistant to abrasion, ultraviolet and chemicals, easy to handle and store, flexible and highly


Resistant to damp, crude oil, soap, detergent, dry cleaning agent, hydrocarbon halogenide, and


Polyester webbing

The webbing is set high force, low elongation and abrasion resistance in one, and highly suitable for

application of towing vehicle and hoisting. The sling made of polyester webbing becomes proof to

mildew and shrinkage, and resistant to damp and corrosion, it is an economic but durable product

and especially suitable for outdoor operation; 

As the webbing is of durable, many application, light weight, ultraviolet resistance, it is suitable for

application in requirement of light weight but making action on heavy duty load with high force. For

example, the webbing is made into the products of tie down strap, sling, bundling strap, tow strap,

winch strap and others for the application required above;

It has resistance to acids but except acids with high concentration, and is suitable for application to

non-high acidity ambience;

It is resistant to bleaching agent.

Nylon webbing

In most cases, polyester webbing becomes safer and more efficient than heavy duty nylon webbing,

especially for application to heavy duty load, the polyester webbing elongates 3-12%, but nylon

webbing does over 20%;

Nylon webbing is suitable for recovery to vehicle whose wheels get sunk into ground. As it has high

elongation, and lacks tension force to restrain load securely, it will bring damage to the load if the

webbing is used for tie down strap;

The yellow nylon webbing is the sling webbing which is utility and of high force, and chiefly applied to

production of webbing sling and recovery strap due to its features of elongation and retraction.

It is resistant to alkalis but except alkalis with high concentration, and may be applied to non-high

alkalinity ambience;

It does not resist to bleaching agent.

100M or 300FT per coil is packed. The factory also welcomes the custom businesses and produces as

the special requirements including width, color, breaking force, and number in package, etc. 

Polyester webbing for sling