Webbing sling is generally made from the webbing of the polyester, nylon, polypropylene synthetic fiber.  As the sling has lighter weight and better flexibility, for the years, it has received the preference from users. Either the sling does not scrape load, or damage surface of the load. And also it has the secure grasp force to the load to be lifted due to flexibility of its webbing. Surface of webbing as a component for sling may be treated chemically to enhance its abrasive resistance, isolate damp, and prevent grit penetrating inside the sling to protect the sling from damage.

The webbing has immunities against damp, mild, rot and some chemicals. The factory enforces constantly the in-house tests and quality analyses on the materials that are used for production by it, and produces according as strict standards and relevant technology so as to make sure the slings the users employ are superior products.

The sling that is fabricated into single or multiple layer may be assembled with such accessories as protector against abrasion, protective cover and fittings on ends, and has multiple models and configurations for options. To identify the relative rated work load, all the slings are matched with their relative color codes and attached with individual labels showing material, length, manufacture date, leg number of sling assembly and other relevant information over safety. The stitching thread for all the parts bearing load is in the color contrasting to the slings, so as to bring more convenience to inspection procedure. Prior to delivery of order, all the products to be ordered are proof tested, and a test certificate is attached into its shrinkage pvc film.  Each sling has its individual serial number to ensure its quality is kept traceable.


1. Use is made easily and the sling may be attached on load tightly, which protects fine and colored surface of the load from damage; 

2. At high ratio of force to weight, the sling is of light weight and flexibility, and may be used without gloves or something else to protect;

3. With high resistance to abrasion and low elongation, beneath 3% at WLL, and there is no jointing point inside the sling;

4. With resistance to twisting or knotting;

5. The soft eyes of the eye to eye webbing sling are reinforced to extend the life of use;   

6. In case of changing the bearing point on the endless webbing sling during its service, its using life will be extended;

7.Surface of the sling may be treated with PU to enhance its resistance to abrasion if required;

8. The sling made from material of polyester has immunity against most of mineral acids, but is damaged by alkalis easily;

9. The sling made from material of nylon has immunity against alkalis, but is attacked by mineral acids easily;

10. The sling made from polypropylene has immunity against both mineral acids and alkalis on the whole, it is suitable for usage under environment that resistance to chemicals but not including solvents is required. All the slings made from the three types of materials have immunity against water, oil and grease totally; 

11.The temperature scope to use and store the slings

For the sling from polyester: -40℃ through to 100℃ or -40℉ through to 212℉;

For the sling from nylon: -40℃ through to 100℃ or -40℉ through to 212℉;

For the sling from polypropylene: -40℃ through to 80℃ or -40℉ through to 176℉.

The Main types for soft eye of eye to eye webbing sling

Polyester eye to eye webbing sling

Technical parameter

Material: 100% polyester, high tenacity multiple fiber filament

Performed standard: EN1492-1:2000

Safety factor: 7:1

Length: 1 to 100M or as required

Width: 30 to 450MM

WLL: 0.50 to 24.00 tonne

Layer number: 1 to 4 layer

Color: As international standard

Type: Eye to eye